Friday, March 18, 2011

Merry Mabon

Mabon, a time of reflection.  It's such a time of reflection in the underworld I've ended up being too introverted - staying inside rather than going out to a potential three social occasions on the one day which I wish I could do but cannot.  Tonight will be the biggest full moon in twenty years, so I can't wait to see it in the sky.  Doreen Valiente said herself that in the March and September equinoxes we can expect 'psychic stress' which I definitely felt last night and today.  I had a beautiful mabon ritual with pine cones, acorns, a potato (!), an orange and brown candle and the following for a really soft and fresh incense ground up in the mortar and pestle:

- Frankincense
- Sandalwood chips
- Neroli oil (2 drops)
- Cypress oil (3 drops)
- Sandalwood oil (2 drops)

I wish I could go out with friends but lack the social energy and my body aches.  It's a weird time of year.  Melbourne is so much more bearable in this time of year, so whilst some people are complaining that they had no summer I'm very glad to see in the autumn.

Write down two lists: one of the year's achievements - spiritually or otherwise on yellow paper and another on red paper listing your spiritual goals until next Mabon.  Acknowledge the crone and lift the red card to her to reveal any future images of your spiritual journey.

For more detail on the sabbat, go here for the full story of the god Mabon.

Autumn is a perfect time for this tune - and what a strange film it looks like!  The singer looks a lot like James Franco.