Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apothecary of the Week VII

A few stories not dated in the mirror book - Story I

The astral accordion - not just heard by me
Aug/Sept 2011

A very cute yet bizarre story from work.: At my work I sit in a hallway.  Just to my right is a meeting room and behind that wall was one of our employees Heather - so as she was talking from two walls away, naturally I couldn't hear the conversation taking place as I worked at my desk.  Two walls away, Heather was talking about a new acquisition of hers: a second hand piano accordion.  As she talked she gestured playing a chord on this accordion with her hands (i.e: with no actual piano accordion in her hands) and a loud, beautiful piano accordion sound blared from directly behind her head - not only did the sound come from behind her head but also behind my head - two rooms away.  I heard this majestic, beautiful sound from behind me where Heather would often stand and chat to make a coffee but nothing was there - at exactly the same time she heard this sound, I also heard this sound behind my head in another room....

Style and Sustainability

Read more on how to reduce your carbon footprint from the clothes that you wear...

If fashion's eco-warriors had their way, we'd all be wearing our environmentally aware hearts on our organic-fibre, ethically made sleeves. But in between hankering for the latest fad and worrying about its ugly carbon footprint, the conscientious consumer wonders why going green costs the earth...

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