Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

1895 Calendrier Magique Lithographs

Many thanks to the lead from Suzanne Gerber's website

This is absolutely gorgeous and I'm inspired - if there were more days in the week perhaps - to decorate my Book of Shadows in such a fashion:

This has been sourced from this blog which has a range of interesting entries according to category

Click on the link below to view the entire calendar - I tried to post them on here but only half of the calendar would turn up!

1895 Calendrier Magique Lithographs

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Power of Now - by Eckhardt Tolle, a book for everyone

This book is for everyone, of any religious background or creed. I have been reading it recently and nothing has cleared my head as beautifully as this piece.

I feel as though I'm advertising a lot of things on here for sale, but this book is a psychologically-cleansing experience which helps you to cognitivally look at your daily thought patterns and get you to push out negative thinking which restricts you from thinking in the NOW.

I'm very skeptical about these kinds of books usually, but Eckhardt's main schtick is similar to the buddhist theory of 'mindfulness' which reduces stress greatly in your life.

My life has changed dramatically since reading this book and I am able to eleviate so much stress from my life and get on with the journey rather than feeling frustrated about the destination and whether I'm getting there any time soon.

I grabbed a beautiful hard cover copy from Dymocks for $30 - small enough to put in a decent-sized handbag and as sweet as a prayer book.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brian Keats Antipodean Astro Calendar + other publications


A friend of mine has given me the link to this fascinating page and she recommended it for "I found the biodynamic antipodean calendars the BEST when it came to southern hemisphere moon, rain, sun, star and even bee cycles."

I've pasted the images below so that you can scour straight through, but incase you're going to buy anything, go straight to his website here incase by clicking on the below 'add to basket' link that something strange might happen!

2009 Antipodean Astro Calendar
by Brian Keats
For Southern Hemisphere - AEST
32 A4 pages Full colour
Price reduced to $Aus 20.00 ........ from $25
Price in $US 15.00 approx.
Northern Hemisphere Astro Calendar
2009 Northern Hemisphere Astro Calendar
by Brian Keats
32 A4 pages Full colour
Based on Pacific Time
Printed in USA and distributed by
2009 Moon Planting Guide
by Stefan Mager & Brian Keats
(simplified beginners version of Astro Calendar)
Price reduced to $Aus 10.00
Price in $US 7.00 approx.

Biodynamic Growing Guide
Biodynamic Growing Guide
by Brian Keats & Stefan Mager

1st edition with wheels
Price in $Aus 15.00
Price in $US 10.00 approx.
Biodynamic Growing Guide
Japanese Edition

32 A4 pages Full colour +Soul Calendar insert
Based on Pacific Time
Distributed in Japan

Betwixt Heaven & Earth
by Brian Keats
A compendium of essays pertaining to the Earth as part of a Living Cosmos. 168 page book which includes a supplement to Biodynamic Planting Calendars.Published in 1999.

Price in $Aus 15.00
Price in $US 10.00 approx.
Botanical Guide
by Stefan Mager
Price in $Aus 15.00
Price in $US 10.00 approx.