Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wicca now four times more popular than Scientology in Australia

EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: It's been a tough week for the Scientologists in Australia.

One of the church's most prominent figures has resigned and denounced the church's leadership.

Meanwhile, figures released to Lateline from the Australian census, shows that membership of the Church of Scientology's in such decline that its numbers are nowdwarfed by people who identify as Jedis and Wiccans.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ancient Indian performance art: Yakshagana & Kathakali

During a very recent experience with Hanuman I started to look into his history and found these two incredibly beautiful arts.

Yakshagana is 200 years old fusing an operatic style of performance with dance and musicians and Kathakali is a 300 year old form of dance drama - both of which differ greatly.  Rather than attempt to read up on all of their history in one night I thought I would leave you with the following beautiful pieces.  I feel inspired by their costumes and feel as though it may influence my artwork...


Above: An artist dressed as Hanuman


Above: Kathakali dancers

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Witchy Outfit of the Week XXVIII

Imagine strolling around your home picking your lavender and rosemary in this number - beautiful.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Attempt to find the oldest witch image II -Albrecht Dürer: 1497

Albrecht Dürer
The Four Witches

Albrecht Dürer
Witch riding backwards on a goat

"The relationship between witches and goats dates back to the early centuries of witch mythology, especially within the Catalonian culture. Witches would often use goats as their companions and in this case, as a means of transport. Below this dramatic scene dance a series of cherubs scattered throughout the composition. The witch is portrayed atop the ram, holding a scepter in one hand and one of the ram's horns in the other.
Created in c. 1500, this work is a Meder State I (b) impression featuring the 
monogrammed initials of Albrecht Dürer (1471 - 1528) engraved in the plate in
 the lower right."
Information from Master Works Fine Art

Strega! Witches 800 year old remains found (2011)

These are the 800 year old remains of what archaeologists believe was a witch from the Middle Ages after seven nails were found driven through her jaw bone.

The grim discovery was made during a dig on what is thought to be a 'witches graveyard' after another woman's skeleton was found surrounded by 17 dice - a game which women were forbidden from playing 800 years ago.
Experts say they believe the women are aged around 25 - 30 years old and were found buried in a simple shallow grave in the ground with no coffin or shroud.

The macabre remains were found during a dig close to the sea at Piombino near Lucca in Italy's Tuscany region and the woman had seven nails through her jaw as well as another 13 nails surrounding her skeleton.

Archaeologist Alfonso Forgione, from L'Aquila University, who is leading the dig, is convinced that the women were suspected witches because of the circumstances in which they were buried.

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Apothecary of the Week VIII

Where Wicca has lead me

I have a better understanding of the true nature of my mind and how my mind is a part of nature.
I have a stronger understanding of my masculine and feminine qualities which balance my personality.
I feel more comfortable amongst society as a being who is all yet nothing and yet one with all.

I see how certain friends are doing by observing the movements of the crows near my home.
I feel the affects of the moon and the planets as they move around me.
I watch my dreams and meditations as closely as I would my waking life.

My body is a temple and my mind is a field of possibilities.
I have a deeper relationship with my friends and family whether they are pagan or not.
I appreciate the beauty in the world and see the balance of dark and light aspects all around me.

I accept death as a part of our life cycle.
I allow for my shadow to cast itself out in balance to my light.
The world is blessed in every way despite death, darkness and doubt.