Friday, November 2, 2012

The Return of Saturn Survival Kit.... What would I put in it???

"Gasp!"  And there comes my head out of water - I'm back!

I went to a festival last night and while I walked past security who were giving out wrist bands for those who wanted to drink alcohol I said "No I'm fine thanks" and one of the guards said "You look drunk already..." to which I said "No it's just been one of those days!"  That moment is how I would have to sum up my Return of Saturn experience thus far (and probably what the whole experience may be like in fact) as: 'Where am I?  No thanks...  Oh right....!'!

"Where am I?" What is your Return of Saturn?
Your Return of Saturn is when the planet Saturn moves one full cycle back into the position it was in when you were born.  In other words: it takes roughly 29 years for Saturn to do one trip around the sun, so once you're around the age of 29, Saturn will have spun around in one full cycle and usually brings you many messages, signs, events and a gargantuan pile of psychological upheaval!  I don't want to go scare mongering the poor Wiccan and New Age souls out there, I just want to prepare all of the under-28s for such an event and draft out vers.1.0 of a survival kit based on my experience of my own Saturn Return thus far, which has been challenging.

"No thanks" The inevitable upheaval.
If you want to get picky, it takes Saturn 29.45 years to orbit the sun, but many emphasise that your actual Return of Saturn will clock in before and around this set time as a general period of drastic change, new directions and questioning of your beliefs, habits and desires.  It's very much the time where you ask yourself the following kinds of questions:
"Do I truly want to have children?" if you don't have any already.
"Is this really the job that I want for the rest of my life?"
"Am I really living my life as I ought to?  Should I party more, or settle down?"
"What have I learnt from life thus far, and where do I plan to go into my next cycle of Saturn?"
"Who do I have in my life and why?"
"What are my belief systems and how do they govern my life?"
As you can see, it's generally a time of great questioning to put great changes into your life which have been needed for a great deal of time.

Apparently some of us get through our Return of Saturn having already dealt with a plethora of life altering experiences in our earlier adulthoods which teach us so much already that we flow off each of these experiences to not have to go through such a tough time as many experience during their Saturn Return....  I would have thought that I was one of those lucky few, yet... apparently not.  Such a shame!

"Oh right!" The epiphany of figuring out what it is that you actually need at this time and accepting that you must surrender to it...  So what would I recommend for a Saturn Return Survival Kit?
  1. Very carefully scribe down who you really value, who you truly care about and make them a valued part of your life.  If you have periods where you fall down, they will be of such great help to you.  If you feel that your Return of Saturn is affecting you in any way (good or bad), just talk about it.  Ultimately you'll only ever have yourself to truly rely on, but it's nice to have someone to talk to.  If you don't have this, remember that there are charities and other institutions out there that have beautiful people that will listen to you, such as Lifeline (in Australia).
  2. You have no choice but to surrender, so write a lot about it to path your way.
  3. Mindfulness is always key & meditation will help you to achieve this state of self awareness.
  4. If you have the time available, dedicate some of your time to a good cause such as Lifeline (above) or another charity which needs your help.  Certainly don't beat yourself up if you can't dedicate this time: you must honor yourself in this time.
  5. Remember what it means to honor yourself and others - hold this thought close to you and let it be your guide.
  6. Always remember that no matter what, you will be alright.
I hope this is of some help to some people out there.  As I said before, I make this all sound awfully drastic and what happens depends on each individual person.  For some people this is a wonderfully life affirming time, and for others it's very hard.  This is certainly what I would advise as I'm in the thick of it at the age of 28 for anyone whether you're having a nice experience or not.

Bright blessings everyone.

)O( Elspeth

Shay Skepevski releases his book Lunatik Witchcraft: Illuminating Your Underworld

Dear Readers,

I have been tuned out of here, going through the shifts of my Saturn Return between one place and another and in the midst of all of that, I'm very happy to announce that Shay has released his first book Lunatik Witchcraft: Illuminating Your Underworld for you to get your own hands on this publication via this very link.

If you haven't already read my interview with Shay please follow this link to the interview.

All the best Shay, this is such an exciting time.

)O( Elspeth