Friday, June 15, 2012

Where Wicca has lead me

I have a better understanding of the true nature of my mind and how my mind is a part of nature.
I have a stronger understanding of my masculine and feminine qualities which balance my personality.
I feel more comfortable amongst society as a being who is all yet nothing and yet one with all.

I see how certain friends are doing by observing the movements of the crows near my home.
I feel the affects of the moon and the planets as they move around me.
I watch my dreams and meditations as closely as I would my waking life.

My body is a temple and my mind is a field of possibilities.
I have a deeper relationship with my friends and family whether they are pagan or not.
I appreciate the beauty in the world and see the balance of dark and light aspects all around me.

I accept death as a part of our life cycle.
I allow for my shadow to cast itself out in balance to my light.
The world is blessed in every way despite death, darkness and doubt.

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