Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wunderkammer - insects, egg shells, skeletons and curios for spell casting

This shop is something else. I applied to work here and strongly advocate their amazing range of products - bar the stuffed animals! As the moth is my familiar, I am dead keen to get my hands on one of their framed critters despite all ethical issues that I ought to have as a vegetarian.

Their essay on Natural History in the Victorian era is something else and a must read and various potions can be kept in their medical vials that are available if you are a very aesthetic witch like myself.

Hopefully I can go in there with their permission and take photographs for the blog, so stay tuned, otherwise visit them at:

439 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, Vic, 3000

Ph: 03 9642 4694
Fax: 03 9642 4695

We invite you to visit us to see all all that is new (and old) in the Chamber of Wonders.

Opening Hours:
Tue-Fri 10AM-6PM
Sat 10AM-4PM

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