Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aesthetics, the arts and Wicca

You know, I really believe that a great deal of the magick involved in Wicca comes from our own personal aesthetic take on it. You may call that materialistic, but I call it wonderful, powerful and potent with possibilities. You don't have to be creative, just let your imagination take you over with the positive energy that flows through you. Wherever you are, you can transport yourself as the Queen of the Universe, huge brass key in hand (like the girl two blog posts below), surrounded by huge flowers which grow above you as though you're as small as a bee and bless you with the warmth in your soul which you know to be connected with the ancients and the true essence of the Old Religion.

Your lustful imagination flirts with the images which reside deep in your subconscious and become lush with possibilities. Let the visceral energy flow through you, connecting you to the universe and all of your potential to make the world a better place by not judging others at first sight, by loving your friends and family and taking care of nature... and take care of yourself.

I feel that by cultivating positivity and a powerful imagination that I'm able to have the serene experience of being nine years old again when I didn't worry about how I looked as a beast of the Deity. None of that matters, in fact, I feel more tribal and want to connect to my visceral energy through exercise, amazing food and watching plants grow (still to do more there!). I keep a beautiful room full of scents and colours, and dress well to celebrate every day without worrying about a 'label' (although I often look witchy) as I am a woman of nature, Gaia and the universal consciousness.

I know I have more to say about this, soon....
Blessed Be

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