Saturday, December 26, 2009

House clearing...

SO I intend to do a house clearing on the new place that we've just found and haven't come across anything thus far.  It's a serious shame that we can't burn smoke incense inside the house because of ultra-sensitive smoke alarms, which in turn, set off sprinklers in our home and would ruin everything - no more dragon's blood resin burning its glorious fumes in my room until it's practically full of smoke... sigh...

The last two places we've been in have definitely affected people, particularly the 'halfway house' that we're staying in after some disputes with the previous housies.  This half-renovated space - yet to become a gallery - has been interesting for us.  To get to the toilet, we have to go down several flights of stairs and out the back which is honestly creepy as we live in one room on the second floor out of an empty two storey building.  One night I could feel a presence downstairs, and as I was about to restock the altar with salt anyway, I put a line of salt at the middle of the first flight of steps, said something to banish any negativity coming over that line, then proceeded confidently over the line...  Had I only just seen the movie Paranormal Activity that night I would not have been as confident!  That was a few weeks ago now.

Two days ago my boyfriend called me to say that he was sure he could hear someone downstairs as three distinct creeking sounds (of the creakiest place in the world!) followed one another in short succession.  I'd mentioned that some nights after laying the salt on the steps that I was home alone in our upstairs room and had heard light, preternatural footsteps patting their way up to where the line of salt would be and then they disappeared, as though the spirit was taking a good run up and was defeated... unfortunately I freaked my boyfriend out!

It is henceforth that I will be doing some investigations into a serious house clearing where my Buddhist oriented (though not officially dedicated) boyfriend will perform Reiki on the premises for a smooth start.

If anyone has any ideas, please do let me know!  I'll be making a besom and casting away any leftover dross, that's for sure!

)O( Elspeth.

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