Monday, September 27, 2010

30 days of Paganism [Day 2: Beliefs - Cosmology]

I enjoy looking at cosmology from both the very metaphysical and scientific perspectives.  I'd like to think that I blend the two to compliment one another which blends the physics and the magick.  As a follower of the Egyptian Goddess and God: Isis and Thoth, I believe that Thoth created the universe as the divine magician and scribe to the Gods.  He created the universe simply by saying his own name, which to me would be onomatopoeiac - the sound of the big bang literally sounding like "THOTH!"  His universe is constantly expanding with only 4% of that making up for what is made of 'atoms' and the rest is dark matter - the space between where the mysteries aright dwell equally amongst our other matter making up flora, fauna & stars.

These stars make up our astrological movements, the 'tides' of our galaxy within this universe that affect our magick.  Astrology originated within Egyptian culture whereby once the planets align at certain moments, our spellcasting comes to life.  Wishes are brought to fruition not only with the cycles of the moon but to correlate with the astrological alignments at particular times - I could cast a spell 5 months ago, but until the 'stars' are ready, it will not manifest itself.

The latter is what I have learnt recently as I've officially passed my first year and one day, I intend to learn more about the stars and how important they are to magick.

Love and light,
)O( Elspeth.

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