Monday, June 27, 2011

Wonderful documentary on the life of an Irish witch

This is such a marvellously honest interview from such a good woman whom I believe is a great role model for other Wiccans. Particularly when she says:

'One of the rules about witchcraft is you do not prosthetise your craft.  You must never say "I want you to be a witch, I think you would be a great witch." They need to say "This is something I've been exploring and I would like you to tell me more about it."'

Another cardinal rule of hers is to not charge others to learn the craft.  It is wonderful to hear that someone truly believes in this.  I get tired of seeing pagans charging 'to cover the cost of the materials' when you don't even need the materials - magick comes from the heart.

I also admire her ability to enjoy worship outside of Wicca and her clear respect for other faiths.

To her I send my love and I hope you learn a lot from her,
)O( E

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sharyl friend pavlisko said...

I too, share the very same opinion!!
It is so nice to hear of other Witches, of whom also agree with this Philosophy regarding the use, or not, of materials and tools of The Craft!

The intention and inner spirituality is most important!
The tools, materials, even the Ritual acts, is only a "tool" that may aid one in their "focus."
Some just need that, as well as the ambience in order to clear their mind during Spellcrafting, Healing, Sending Blessings, etc.

I prefer the use of Candles.
We Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, all have our practitioning comforts.

Thank You for sharing!
Blessed Be★)0(★