Friday, January 27, 2012

Back in the room... Entering my Saturn return

Well it's been a very long time indeed!  It feels as though so many things have been happening with my craft of late - it really has changed my life for the better: crafting, weaving my way through the world whilst making it better for myself and others.  I think that in a lot of ways, having this form of spirituality has really helped me to grow up by putting my values, love, health and sense of honor first.  I give more and also seem to get more than I need out of life.  I've been away for so long now having gone through a breakup after a three year relationship, sorting out the house, travelling for a month and then finally settling back down in olde Melbourne Town which hasn't come without great trials of course.

These trials have made me realise how important it is to work on my chakras, finding and recognising the blockages which have been making my relationships and expression so stifled.  I found a wonderful book 'The Essential Guide to Chakras' by Swami Saradananda which looks twee but very practically walks you through the function of each chakra, which signs indicate whether you're experiencing excessive or deficient energy in each chakra and even yoga poses for each chakra.  It also encourages you to create a diary to assess each chakra to work on a variety of areas in your life.  I highly recommend it, it's an easy book to digest.

This self assessment is also an important part of my life as I enter my Saturn return - life is throwing challenges at me and I need to cleanse myself, heal and start a lot of things from scratch to gauge what I really need in life as a person.  I've realise the importance of being your own role model and now live by a wonderful latin saying 'Casis tutissima virtus' - "virtue is the safest helmet" which allows me to take great responsibility for my actions.  It's now all about doing the honorable thing.

Now time for more stories....

)O( Elspeth.


The Stitch Witch said...

I'm sorry you had to go through a break up recently. I hope you heal from it and become even better of a person as you learn more about yourself and the circumstances surrounding the break up. As for the move, I'm sure you'll benefit from it greatly as this will be a new adventure for you. Good luck on your new path in life and blessed be.

Elspeth said...

Blessed be sister! Thank you so much for your kind wishes :) the times are a-changin'!