Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bjork the Witch

There was a great deal of talk on Witch Mountain about Bjork's quiet Wiccan associations having been in a band called Kukl which is Icelandic for 'Witch' and also featured in a movie about Witchcraft called The Juniper Tree.... then I find this video with her tattoo on her left arm of the Gardnerian tradition (have to look it up in one of my books and do a repost!) for the eight practices to conjure a spell... Someone's been quiet about her faith, or has she?


I'll have the symbol on here soon...


Joe Revill said...

Any resemblance to a Gardnerian symbol is probably coincidental. That's a famous Icelandic magical sigil, called the "aegishjalmur" and it's one of the tattoos available at the only tattoo shop in Reykjavik. I got the same tattoo there, from the same tattooist.
Bjork has called herself a worshipper of Nature, however. She has used the term "Goddess" in lyrics and interviews, and has explained her daughter's name as "the gift of Isis." As a young person she was associated with a Thelemic group, and has more recently quoted Crowley's "Do what thou wilt" with approval.
So although she has said that Wicca seems to her "like 50's beatnik movies" (by which I suppose she means fake and embarrassing) I think that one might say that she is indeed a witch, of the more "spiritual" kind.

Elspeth said...

Yes you're right. I did see her interviewed a year or two later and decided to leave it (out of laziness that is...!). It's a beautiful thing to have tattooed and thanks for the info :) that's awesome :)