Friday, November 6, 2009

The good old days...

The Virginia Woolf of Witches
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Very old image of two boys in bat costume "HAZA!"
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Doreen Valiente 1962
"And after this I'll make some LOVELY scones!" Mmm... scones...
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Oh, she looks so lonely and sad
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Anonymous said...

Um your "unknown witch" is Doreen Valiente. You should look her up. She was fundamental in the emergence of witchcraft in the modern era. She re- wrote the charge of the goddess (from the leyland original) she also wrote the witches rune etc. You might want to look up Gardner as well and then go look into masonic ritual for some understanding of the Wicca movement.

Elspeth said...

Aah thanks for that - I never knew what she looked like, but I have read her work as well as the work of Gerald Gardener. The Charge of the Goddess was indeed documented by Leyland but whether they were his words are another thing - it is actually meant to be Aradia, 'The Messiah of the Witches' born in 1313. Before the Charge went into the hands of Valiente it had also been changed by Crowley before she 'softened' it. Thank you for your advice. I tend not to quote Gardener or Valiente so much because I am looking for new ideas whilst I acknowledge their importance. xo,E.