Friday, January 14, 2011

Airlines take the reigns to make their own biofuel

Relatively un-witchy I know.  Seeing as my 30 Days of Paganism left me bereft of things to write about in regards to environmentalism I thought that I needed to add more to the blog for more discussion and hopefully more household tips in the long term for everyone to contribute less waste and carbon emissions.  So here's a better start!

This is a really exciting article.  Rather than waiting for competing fuel companies to create the biofuel, our airway companies are seeking to make their own fuel rather than waiting for the oil companies to buy out special models of aircraft or the competing fuel companies.  It could also see a great deal of food scraps, green waste (clippings & grass cuttings) and packaging so that the majority of waste created in the home can go towards biofuel.

As fossil fuel dries up and will eventually no longer be available, it excites me that these companies are taking it into their own hands to start making biofuel rather than waiting for anyone else to do it.  It is, however, going to cost a fortune to only fuel 2% of British Airways' aircrafts:

'Solena formed a joint venture with British Airways in February to build a £200 million ($305 million) plant in London by 2014 to turn up to 500,000 tonnes of waste a year into 73 million litres of jet fuel. This would be enough to fuel about 2 per cent of BA's aircraft based at London's Heathrow Airport.'

My mind is drifting off into an idealistic world where we can scoop up the waste currently floating in the ocean and thrown into areas of the earth to reuse purely for fuel.  'Clean Up Australia Day's could be run on a weekly or monthly basis in order to collect enough waste to contribute towards the production of biofuel...  All of which costs money in one way or another.  Too idyllic for words!  What if the airlines paid people to collect rubbish - my head is about to explode.

Read the article here.

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