Saturday, February 26, 2011

A new bow to my arrow... Or a new arrow to my bow?

Developments of late have been incredibly interesting.  I know that I ought to meditate every day but still only seem to manage it three times a week and do a visualisation about once a month, as Mondays for some reason are not as free as they used to be, partly because my boyfriend often has that night off.

The visualisations have been great challenges as a form of high magick, making me challenge parts of my psychology that need addressing - much like if I were being hypnotised and had to go through different 'doors' in my mind to adjust my thinking where necessary for a better magickal and mundane life.  It's there that I meet Gods and Goddesses to guide me there and then, however my meditations have been working out to be very interesting for those to help me within my day-to-day life.

Without calling out to them, I know that in the near future that I will want to carry out a spell in order to move ahead in some way in my life.  Meeting the White Tara is a wonderful example of this, and I had a wonderful meeting with Queen Mab the other day which was also completely unexpected, in order for me to have a Goddess to work with for cord cutting (see  post below for details on that).

Meeting Queen Mab or Maeve was really interesting.  I knew that the Archangel Michael was not really the one I wanted to work with as I see Angel worship as being more of a Christian concept so I wanted to choose someone else.  But, as it would seem, I needn't open a book these days in order to find the right leader to guide me as it's now a regular to-do for them to offer their help, which really is much better I think.  Then you are receiving the energy which will work best for you - the calm white tara for protection and to move through the ocean of suffering, and strong and beautiful Maeve with her sword for when you need to boldly - yet gently cut cords.

It was interesting: on the day that I wanted to do the ritual (on a Tuesday for war, psychic protection etc) I went to the usual meditation temple, into the sculptued foot of Hermes Trimegistus.  Normally I will look out to the beach and turn around to the giant sculpted foot, then entering past a skeleton of Hermes Trimegistus who gives me 'The Emerald Tablet' in the form of a green book where I walk through to an inner temple to meditate.

However, no-one seemed to be in the normal hall and a new hallway had created itself to the right hand side which had mint green walls & black and white tiles, which I thought was odd. I went to the medieval looking door and went to open it but was too hesitant so Hermes Trimegistus opened it for me (was there as a living green version sitting on some stairs that went upstairs - now I'm wondering what's upstairs!). Anyway, for a while before approaching this door I could hear a preternatural talking, which consisted of loud notes sung long and loud, just single notes. 

The door opened to a long wooden medieval table setting with lots of little green men on it who were still doing that weird talking and eating, which reverberated up the high dark wooden walls to the stained glass windows above. They looked like Yoda but with smaller ears, bigger eyes and only wore pants - little green men! A woman in medieval garb rose from the table and I bowed, not sure who it was. "Your majesty" I said, which I never say in visualisation or meditation. I bumbled a bit, and the rest was a bit of a fuzz as far as conversation went. I basically agreed that we would work together for the cord cutting and had all faith in her in her pride, zeal and strength. She wore incredible, dark makeup - almost like a goth. She wore the medieval horn-like headdress and exuded a voluptuous power. She then returned to the table to continue eating as I left thanking her again and again and the green men piped up again.

I remember looking at Queen Mab or Maeve with a friend a few weeks ago as we summoned her for a full moon ritual. 

In relation to the black and white tiles described above, I had a read of a ritual in 'Advanced Witchcraft' by Edain McCoy in her 'Advanced Warding and Psychic Defense' chapter, with a ritual called 'The Checkered Box' where the practitioner encloses themselves in black and white tiles. I thought I'd cut the cord then just close myself up for additional insurance.  I might publish my version of the Cord Cutting ritual, though I think it will only really be the same as the article I posted earlier.

After all of this, my mother sent me my March horoscope by Jonathan Cainer and I just about fell over (I'm a Taurean by the way):

Is that a little fairy, sitting on your shoulder? Or is it a guardian
angel, hovering over your head? Maybe it's a wish-granting leprechaun,
an ancient Tibetan or a spirit guide from the medicine wheel. I can't
be sure which form your cosmic protection is due to take but it's
clear that, in March, something is going to be looking after you. You
are being offered support, succour and sustenance, some of which may
take a decidedly unambiguous physical form. I'm not promising
miracles. There may be ups as well as downs. But the ups will be real.
They will last much longer and prove far more important than the

So given meeting Queen Mab - Queen of the Faeries and a Tibetan Goddess recently this is all sounding too interesting.

)O( Elspeth.

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